Octane v1.01.20
The Open Compression Toolkit for C++
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About Octane

The Open Compression Toolkit is a set of modular C++ classes and utilities for implementing and testing compression algorithms.

  • Simple interface and skeleton code for creating new compression algorithms.
  • Complete testing framework for validating and comparing new algorithms.
  • Support for algorithms that use external dictionaries/headers.
  • Utility classes and sample code for bitio, frequency counting, etc.

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The current Octane distribution and documentation:

Octane v1.01.20 (full package) download (1.5mb)
Octane v1.01.20 (source only) download (200k)
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May 19 2004 - v1.01.20

Minor Update

Fixed bug causing SubStrHuff to crash during compression in some cases.

Improved reporting of compression/decompression speeds.

For a detailed list of changes, see the release history page.

August 28 2003 - v1.01.19

Minor Update

Fixed bug in huffman coder leading to long bitcodes for unseen ascii characters

August 28 2003 - v1.01.18

Minor Update

Fixed error when compiling under linux; fixed some spelling errors.

August 14 2003 - v1.01.17

Minor Update

Added 2 new compressors/preprocessors by loco (zero-length encoder, move-to-front)

August 12 2003 - v1.01.16

Minor Update

Small spelling mistakes corrected; added a new sample compressor to show how to make non-statistical compressors.

August 11 2003 - v1.01.15

First Release

The first release of Octane is now availabe. Documentation is also available for on-line browsing and download.


You can visit us on the efnet irc network in channel #octane, or check out these other useful sites:


Octane is Open Source; we will use the zlib license unless we decide on a custom license.


Octane: The Open Compression Toolkit for C++