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Detailed Description

The Modeler class is for statistical compression methods.

It's job is to continually maintain a probability distribution over the next symbol to be parsed. This probability information can be used by a coder (like an arithmetic or huffman coder) to optimally code the parsed symbol.


class  OctaneModeler
 The Modeler class is for statistical compression methods. More...

class  SampleModeler
 This is a sample modeler which simply ignores all 'training' information and assigns equal probability to each symbol in the parser (sometimes called a -1 order model). More...

class  OctaneModeler_WeightVectored
 This is a derived modeler class which has some default functions for modelers which work with a vector of weights as probabilities (very common). More...

class  ZeroOrderModeler
 A simple zero-order modeler, that builds its probability model by counting frequencies in a training file. More...


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